About Me

I'm NEZTOK. I've being studying patterns, scales and modes of the fretboard for a long time. After awhile I realized it's an EPIC adventure!


"Learn about CAGED, positional playing, the circle of fifths/fourths, and modes while using FANTASY, maps, characters, and roleplaying etc."


  • 1. Worlds are suits ordered 4, Ace, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7.
  • 2. Buildings are 4, Ace, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7 cards faced up.
  • 3. Rooms is a selected suit randomly faced down (all 13 ranks) and both Jokers. 15 rooms total.
  • 4. Portals are only found in rooms. Disregard a room every time you use a portal.
  • 5. There is an infinite number of worlds.
  • 6. Be creative.
  • 7. Avoid the Joker.




Let me introduce you to Rachtman.

Rachtman isn't having much luck hearing any type of music along the Ahwanak River.

It was starting to get dark. He knew it would take a little over half a day to reach town as he hikes these trails almost daily. When he arrives at his home; he’s dirty and hungry. When he walks up to the huge oak door he hears a loud scream coming from inside.

The door slams open and a girl runs out screaming “It’s time to dust off the bible. Reach out your hands. Pray that God will listen. Pray he’ll understand. I’m doomed. I’m doomed!”

Rachtman isn’t too far behind her when she runs into a chapel.

The girl is resting her head on a pew reciting “Guardian Angel. Where have you been? Haven’t seen you. Since Lord knows when. Speaking in tongues, With a knife in my chest. Nobody tried to save me. It was my only wish.”

She looks up and notices Rachtman standing at the back of the church listening to her. Rachtman wanted to tell her that he had been looking for her since the accident. When he started to approach her she runs toward the basement steps. “GOD DAMN IT!” Rachtman hollers.

The basement’s light was already on when he started down the steps. The smell of household bleach was burning the inside of his nostrils. Blood was trailing into the next room.

The girl was nowhere to be found. “Jesus Christ,” Rachtman said to himself. “Guess she went through a portal.”

When Rachtman arrives at Elk City he asks “My Ghost, can you hear me?”

He hears a loud voice coming from the light house. “I don’t want to live under a toadstool. There’s no way I’m living under God’s rules.”

The light house had seven floors. Rachtman was on the first.

As he was approaching the second floor he heard. “I’ve been meaning to take a deep breath. When I’m able to think for myself. I’m surprised I haven’t crashed to the ground.” Rachtman was running quickly. He murmurs “This girl is CRAZY!”

He passed the 3rd floor with no problems.

The joker appears on the 4th. “Who do you think you are? Talking down to me? I’ve hidden away for years. I’m the Joker. It’s all I’ll ever be.” Rachtman never again heard music. There was no girl. Joker grabs Rachtman by the head and slowly breaks his neck.

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